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[SPA] SPARTA – A Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrency. Simple. Fast. Reliable.

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    The SPARTA cryptocurrency relies on blockchain technologies and the Proof-of-Stake concept.

    SPARTA's goal is to start a new stage in the evolution of cryptocurrencies and create decentralized, honest, and fair financial relations!

    Our slogan is "Simple. Fast. Reliable"

    SPARTA is abbreviated as "SPA".

    Features and characteristics:

    - Smallest possible fee, which changes dynamically

    - Forging and Proof-of-Stake, which means you can use an ordinary computer to maintain the network

    - Protection against 51% attacks, Nothing-at-Stake attacks, and other malicious plans

    - Blocks are generated once per minute

    - One block contains 888 transactions

    - Network capacity: 14.7 transactions per second

    - The total number of coins will be 8,888,888,888 (~9 billion)


    - Official website: https://sparta.top

    - Web wallet: https://wallet.sparta.top

    - Blockchain explorer: https://blockchain.sparta.top

    - Whitepaper: https://sparta.top/whitepaper.html
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    Private and public keys

    Each SPARTA user has 2 keys: a private key and a public key. What are these keys?

    ● Let's consider the private key. When you create a wallet, you automatically generate a secret mnemonic phrase, which is a set of several random unrelated words. For example, a mnemonic phrase might be "force silence flight coward silent peace party drink trust weary doom also". This phrase becomes both your username and password for the wallet. It is used to generated your private key, which is not visible to anyone. Roughly speaking, you can think of your mnemonic phrase as your private key in the SPARTA network. You must safeguard this phrase and never tell it to anyone. Anyone who knows your mnemonic phrase can spend your SPA.

    ● Now let's consider the public key. Your public key is your SPARTA address, which is used to receive transfers. Roughly speaking, this is like a bank card number. It's enough to receive coins in a wallet, but not enough to send coins to someone else. An address (public key) looks something like this: SPA1HpYNoLDcEsNhblwn

    Anybody can create several wallets in the SPARTA network, which means that anyone can have several pairs of private and public keys.

    For Twitter

    A SPARTA user has 2 keys: private and public. The private key is not visible to anyone. It is generated from a mnemonic phrase. Anyone who knows the phrase can spend your SPA, so keep it a secret. The public key is your address in the SPARTA network, which you use to receive coins.
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    Forging (mining) and network security

    Since cryptocurrency does not belong to any state, companies or banks, it is mined and its security is supported by users themselves through installation and running special software. The process of cryptocurrency mining and maintaining safe operation of the network is commonly referred to as mining, and those who are involved in this process are called miners.

    SPARTA uses Proof-of-Stake (PoS), so here this process is called PoS-mining, or forging. Mining and forging in essence are the same. The difference is that mining requires powerful computers while forging is not based on computer power, but on user account balances.

    To support the operation of the SPARTA network, participants install and run special software, thus receiving a chance to create a new block on the SPARTA network. The probability of creating a new block is distributed among all network participants using a special formula that depends on their addresses balances. The more SPA tokens are in an account, the greater the chances of creating a block.

    When a miner creates a block, he or she receives a reward. The reward consists of:

    • Fees on transactions within the block.

    • An additional reward of SPA tokens for creating the block.

    The reward for forging depends on the number of coins in a user’s account:

    • If a miner has between 888 and 999,999 SPA (inclusive) in an account, he or she receives only the sum of the transaction fees.

    • If the miner has 1,000,000 SPA or more in an account, he or she is also awarded newly created SPA tokens.

    Thus, miners in the first category support the network, but miners in the second category also help the cryptocurrency growth by investing at the initial stage. Accordingly, they receive more profits.To avoid centralization, each miner (balance of 1,000,000 SPA or more) has an equal chance of creating a new block.

    You can find out how to make money on forging on our website: https://sparta.top/how-to-earn.html
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    Want to know everything about us?
    Read our Whitepaper

    The SPARTA Whitepaper contains detailed information about our decentralized cryptocurrency. In this document you will learn about SPARTA’s mission, advantages, technical features details and our future plans. We recommend that you read the Whitepaper very carefully to gain an in-depth understanding of the SPARTA cryptocurrency.

    The SPARTA Whitepaper: https://sparta.top/whitepaper.html
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    SPARTA key benefits in brief

    1. Blockchain technology. The authenticity of any payment can be easily verified, and cryptocurrency cannot be forged or hacked. SPARTA is decentralized, so states and companies cannot influence operations inside the system.
    2. Transfers to anywhere, any time. SPARTA transactions are performed 24/7. You decide when, to whom, and where to send the cryptocurrency.
    3. Always the lowest fees. You pay minimum fees on SPARTA transactions. The initial transaction fee is 1 SPA. Unlike the fees for other cryptocurrencies, SPARTA fees are adjusted dynamically to remain as low as possible. The fee was introduced to protect against DDoS attacks.
    4. Security. SPARTA prevents various network attacks, giving fraudsters no opportunity to act.
    5. Convenience and accessibility for everyone. Anyone can use SPARTA. SPA can be easily exchanged for fiat money at any time through exchanges and exchange platforms.
    6. Proof-of-Stake Technology. Instead of wasting enormous computing power, user account balances are used to ensure network security. Thus, conventional computers and laptops can support the network. There is no need to buy expensive equipment or pay huge electricity bills.
    7. Worthwhile reward for SPARTA forging. You will receive the sum of all the fees on the transactions in a block. If certain conditions are satisfied, you are also guaranteed to receive a reward in the form of newly created SPA tokens. The size of this reward, which is initially 8,000 SPA per block, will change every 500,000 blocks.
    8. Protection against inflation. In all, almost 9 billion coins will be created. Unlike fiat money and most cryptocurrencies, SPARTA is backed by a limited number of tokens and protected against inflation. All new SPA tokens will be mined in about 8 years.
    9. High capacity, fast transactions. A new block is created on the SPA network every minute. SPARTA processes over 1,278,720 transactions per day, which means you can send money anywhere in the world quickly for a minimal fee. By comparison, Bitcoin supports a maximum of 300,000–400,000 transactions per day.
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    Promote SPARTA with our promotional materials

    Created to build new and completely decentralized financial relations, SPARTA is the most convenient and safest cryptocurrency available to everyone. Like any other product, SPARTA needs to be advertised.

    Information must be disseminated as extensively as possible to make people aware of SPARTA and the idea behind it, and to encourage them to widely adopt cryptocurrency.

    Please review our promotional materials. We would be pleased if you would share them with your friends, acquaintances, and followers. Post them on your website, blog, social media, etc.

    Branded products: https://sparta.top/SPARTA_branded.pdf
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    SPARTA's character and mission

    Our goal is to start a new stage in the evolution of cryptocurrencies. SPARTA allows cryptocurrency technologies to more easily and more quickly gain broad adoption in our lives in order to create new financial relations that are decentralized, honest, and fair. This is our vision of the future.

    For SPARTA and blockchain as a whole, the possibilities are endless. The main feature of payments based on a blockchain is that they enable transactions to be performed online without intermediaries. In the future, blockchain may be used not only for transactions, but also for recording, tracking, monitoring, and executing operations involving any assets.

    Basically, we are dealing with a huge spreadsheet that records all assets and a global accounting system for performing transactions with those assets—without any restrictions on the type of assets, parties to the transaction, or geographical location.

    SPARTA technology, with its clear advantages, will take cryptocurrency to an entirely new level. Thanks to all the advantages, convenience, and ease-of-use, everybody will want to and be able to use digital money. People can use SPARTA to gain independence from banks and easily earn money from home.

    In time, people will recognize the cryptocurrency's advantages over traditional money and will begin to use it en masse. As a result, financial relations in society will fundamentally change, becoming honest and fair. Accordingly, the entire world will become honest and fair. This is our ultimate goal!
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    Privacy and legal

    SPARTA cryptocurrency was conceived and developed for creating fair financial relations among people. The cryptocurrency code is completely open, so anyone can use it.

    SPARTA does not violate any international laws. So if cryptocurrency is not banned in your country, you may use it. We call to comply with the laws of the country of your residence.
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    Especially for our users, we have prepared a comprehensive list of answers to frequently asked questions.

    Illustrated FAQ: https://sparta.top/SPARTA_faq.pdf
    FAQ on the website: https://sparta.top/faq.html
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    Money-making opportunity: trading on exchanges

    You can make money on fluctuations in the SPARTA exchange rate. You trade SPA coins on exchanges and earn profits on the difference between your purchase and sale prices.

    How does this work?
    1. When the exchange rate falls, you buy cryptocurrency.

    2. When the exchange rate increases, you sell it to other people at a profit.
    It's basically like trading stocks, but everyone can do it and we dealing with SPA coins instead of company shares. The Internet is full of books and useful videos on stock trading. Anyone can become a trader and earn great money. This is your chance to start a new independent life!

    You can already trade SPA in the following currency pairs:

    - SPA/BTC: https://sigen.pro/trading/SPABTC

    - SPA/LTC: https://sigen.pro/trading/SPALTC

    - SPA/USD: https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/SPA_USD/

    We wish you prosperity in your investments and trades!

    Exchange rate and trading volume:

    - Despite the overall negative trend in the cryptocurrency market, SPA continues to appreciate. Compared with last week's report, the exchange rate has increased by 41% to $0.00237 | 0.00000030 BTC.

    - Daily trading volume grew 1.5 times to $1,500,924.82 | 192.81848791 BTC | 642,728,293 SPA.
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    Values of the SPARTA community

    - Independence. We strive to liberate people from dependence on banks and unnecessary costs. Everyone should be able to escape banks' financial control and significantly reduce transaction fees. We believe that if a person wants independence, he or she should have the right to obtain it.

    - Freedom. We want people to not be bound by any absurd restrictions. For example, everybody should be able to exchange money with their relatives in other countries without any problems. It is important that people have freedom not on paper, but in real life.

    - Fairness. All people should have equal rights—without any hierarchies or other kinds of subordination between people. We want to help everyone build equitable relationships based on objectivity and impartiality.

    - Honesty. We do not accept deception, fraud and corruption. That's why we want to build new human relations, including financial relations, based on truth and adherence to principles.
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    Learn where SPARTA is headed: check out our roadmap

    We are seeking to gain a strong foothold in the cryptocurrency market and make SPARTA as convenient and useful as possible for everyone on the planet. Check out our roadmap and learn what our plans are for the future.

    Roadmap: https://sparta.top/roadmap.html
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    For cryptocurrency exchanges and listings

    The purpose of the SPARTA cryptocurrency is to build honest and fair financial relations between people.

    To achieve this goal, it is very important for SPARTA to gain the largest possible foothold in the cryptocurrency markets: we want to give everyone a convenient opportunity to trade SPA for fiat money and other cryptocurrencies, as well as a chance to earn money at auction and by investing. At the same time, we must also provide the ability to watch the cryptocurrency grow, check exchange rates, monitor dynamics, analyze its rating, and so on.

    Accordingly, we are trying to have SPARTA added to various cryptocurrency exchanges / trading platforms / monitors and indexes. We would be happy to see SPA on your sites.

    Essential information:

    Cryptocurrency name: SPARTA
    Symbol: SPA
    Logo: https://sparta.top/logo/logo_200.png
    Website: https://sparta.top/
    Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2394796

    SPARTA API - https://github.com/spartacore/sparta/wiki/The-SPARTA-API

    Technology: Proof-of-Stake (PoS)
    Block generation: 1 per minute
    Transactions per block: 888
    Total coins: 8,888,888,888 (~ 9 billion).
    You can see the current number of coins in real time at https://stat.sparta.top/api/totalAmount

    Users can participate in forging (PoS-mining). The chances of creating a block depend on the SPA balance in an account.

    Instruction on launching a SPARTA node:

    SPARTA is already traded on:

    - https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/SPA_BTC/
    - https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/SPA_USD/
    - https://sigen.pro/trading/SPABTC
    - https://sigen.pro/trading/SPALTC

    The SPARTA team has retained 100,000,000 SPA to develop the cryptocurrency: https://blockchain.sparta.top/address/SPA14f1TuMbwGKSHqKGi1

    Source code: https://github.com/spartacore/sparta
    Blockchain: https://blockchain.sparta.top/
    Web wallet: https://wallet.sparta.top/
    Network stats: https://stats.sparta.top/

    Follow us:

    - Twitter - https://twitter.com/SPARTA_core
    - Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/user/SPARTA_core
    - Facebook -

    Please write to exchange@sparta.top with any questions about listing SPA tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges, exchangers, monitors, and indexes.
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    How SPARTA can solve today's problems

    We are trying to identify the best of what has been created and apply it in our operations. SPARTA can solve many problems. For example:

    - SPARTA allows everyone to access financial services regardless of their location and without having to get someone's permission.

    - People, not banks or other financial institutions, remain in control of their own funds.

    - Blockchain technology can help resist political tyranny by introducing decentralized cloud-based functions that were previously controlled exclusively by official organizations.

    - Many branches of the economy will be able to escape excessive regulation and licensing requirements imposed by hierarchical structures, lobbyists, and special interest groups. This will help create new business models that are not burdened by unnecessary intermediaries.

    - Blockchain-based records of all transactions and the inability to change these records may become the foundation for societal progress.

    - Each asset in the blockchain is coded with a unique identifier used to monitor, control, exchange, sell, or buy the asset.

    - Due to its economic, political, humanitarian and legal advantages, blockchain technology is becoming a powerful breakthrough capable of fundamentally changing most aspects of society.
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    For questions about working together, please contact us at the following email addresses:

    - For questions about listing SPA on exchanges and exchangers: exchange@sparta.top
    - For questions about RP, media, advertising, etc.: pr@sparta.top

    For all other questions: info@sparta.top