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HYIP from 61% Safbid - Safbid.com

Discussion in 'HYIP from 61% per month' started by Hyip Seeker, Apr 17, 2018.

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    About the program:


    The versatility of the applied means and efficiency of the made decisions brings cooperation with our company to the new level of favorable interaction with the guaranteed positive income and safe working conditions.
    The main drivers of our business development are such macroeconomic factors as the foreign exchange market and interest income. Vigorous activity of the company on the European stock exchange (European Securities Exchange, FESE) gives our team the ample opportunities in realization of our ambitious aspirations on target and structural domination in the online trading branch.

    Our activity is absolutely legal and is regulated by the European Securities and Investments Commission. Our rather young company working in the online trading branch more, then one year, shows one of the best indicators of growth among the similar companies already now. We can providw the highly effective competition in the investment market first of all at the expense of the accurate and professional organization of work of all staff (brokers, traders, financial and cryptanalysts) and also thanks to the exact and purposefully planned strategy of advance in the global course of exchange trading.

    Now we are able and we can earn much and with guaranteed. We expect marginal increase in the commission income in quarterly comparison thank to strengthening of activity in the foreign exchange market against growth of quarter turns, and also thank to increase in activity in the derivatives market. The serious driver of growth, in our opinion, will be also interest income thanks to the high remains on accounts of our corporate clients and to the remaining trend on increase of interest charges.

    The increase in a share of high-marginal currency futures in the company's trade turnover at the next reporting period which is in advance planned by Management of strategic planning, will be a certain limiting factor of growth of the commissions in the derivatives market (that is very favorable in a final resultant). Over the last quarter the company has shown the record growing of income interest on the ground of high client residue the balance and growth of interest rates for the main indexes, that gives the chance to speak about the perspective growth of increase of a quarterly level of deposits of corporate clients into the higher nominal niche of deposits.

    Besides, one of drivers for attraction of new funds for further development of the company, are the deposits, placed by individuals on the high percetage rates, that is the key factor, promoting opening further of new accounts with a possibility to concluding of remote transactions thanks to registration on the www.dream-btc.com website. The company allocates funds within such accounts for investments into tools of stock market, including stocks, the state and corporate bonds, including eurobonds, and also exchange funds (ETF), indexes (S&P Europe 350) and share&mutual funds.

    Investment plans:

    After 5 days:

    $10.00 - $1499 102%
    $1500 - $4999 103%
    $5000 - $14999 104%
    $15000 - $49999 105%
    $50000 - $100000 106%

    After 15 days:

    $10.00 - $1499 107%
    $1500 - $4999 110%
    $5000 - $14999 113%
    $15000 - $49999 116%
    $50000 - $100000 121%

    After 30 days:

    $10.00 - $1499 116%
    $1500 - $4999 122%
    $5000 - $14999 128%
    $15000 - $49999 134%
    $50000 - $100000 145%

    After 45 days:

    $10.00 - $1499 124%
    $1500 - $4999 133%
    $5000 - $14999 142%
    $15000 - $49999 151%
    $50000 - $100000 170%

    After 90 days:

    $1999 - $9999 400%

    After 180 days:

    $999 - $49999 - 700%

    3% from a referral program

    They accept: PM, Payeer, Advcash and BTC


    STARTED - Apr 14, 2018

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