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HYIP from 61% Dash Gates - Dashgates.com

Discussion in 'HYIP from 61% per month' started by Hyip Seeker, Jun 14, 2018.

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    I'm not admin here!

    Dashgates is the Trading, Mining Company focused on delivering global Mining Solutions
    Simple Steps to Get Started - Signup - Update Bitcoin Wallet - Buy Hash to Start Investing Plan and Earning



    Shenzhen Dihao Technology Co Ltd. Dashgates.com
    Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v10.5. dash:. BAN K AC







    Guarantee and pool participation:

    We offer a 30-day warranty that ensures the smooth operation of each mining station. Because the machines do not all necessarily
    generate the same number of coins, we connect each device to the MineCrypt pool during this period. During this period you will receive
    a percentage participation in the profits of all machines generating the maximum possible profit.
    After 30 days we separate the mining machines from the pool and you receive the generated coins from your own machine.
    However, your hardware will continue to run until a possible defect occurs or the maintenance costs exceed the yield.
    Other providers disable the device after months - we do not. At Dashgates, you benefit from maximum mining station life, attractive terms and the included warranty.

    Accept: Bitcoin, ETH, BCH, Litcoin,

    Signup: https://dashgates.com

    My Investment In Bitcoin :

    Dear hyipmonster,

    You have just made a deposit with the following details:-

    Date: 14th Jun, 2018 13:18:03
    Amount: 100 $
    Package: 9% ROI Total hash rate - 13.5 TH/s ±5%
    Paid with: 100 $ (Wallet Balance)