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HYIP from 61% Https://www.rybinvest.com

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    First time an investment platform is supported by an ICO. The strength of this project is that deposits in RYBinvest are secured and covered at any given time. RYBinvest has locked a certain amount of tokens that secure and guarantee the liquidity on their investment platform. End of July, beginning of August the RAISE exchange will open for player, gamblers and gamers and at same time RAISE will be listed on at least 1 public exchange.

    RYBinvest and RaiseYourBet are brands of official registered company SYFWC Limited and is corporated in the UK.


    RYBinvest and RaiseYourBet are active in 3 different billion $ online industries
    · Online poker
    · sports betting
    · Esports gaming

    Current activities.

    · Development and sales of poker and betting solutions to international customers.
    · Semi professional online poker team that uses their own developed HUD and poker tracker
    · Professional betting team that generates revenues by using their own developed arbitrage and betting software.

    Future activities

    · Launch own online poker platform
    · Launch own sports betting platform and peer to peer betting exchange
    · Launch own competitive Esports gaming platform

    BUT MOST IMPORTANT!!!! for every investor.

    · the team is visible in the white paper of their ICO and can be contacted through several social media.
    · And another huge plus. They have well known gambling software partners and after verifying they partnered up with RYB to develop their poker and betting platforms. This is a huge advantage knowing that the partners are real and they confirmed that they are developing the software as soon as they give a go during the ICO.

    What can you earn?!?!

    You can earn on 2 platforms!!!!!!

    >>>>>>>RaiseYourBet ICO here<<<<<<<<<

    On the ICO platform you can earn 5% commission on your direct referrals. Unique in the industry. This ICO pays its commissions in BTC/ ETH or USD. Reason for this is that they don't want big marketeers dump their earned tokens after the ICO. By paying commission in crypto or fiat members have the choice wether they like to cash out or buy tokens.


    · ICO is in private investor rate stage. So now you can purchase at the same price as private investors.
    · There is an airdrop and bounty program
    · There are crazy bonuses with possible entries in this years WSOP main event
    · Commissions paid in ETH/BTC or USD

    >>>>>>>>>>RYBinvest platform here<<<<<<<<<<

    RYBinvest offers 7 different plans

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Additional earning opportunities

    Referral commission 5-2-1-1-0.5-0.5% in 6 levels
    commission bonus up to 5000$
    PV points rewards bonus. Earn points and convert them to RAISE tokens.

    And huge bonuses 25% up to 300% instant bonus in RAISE tokens on First deposits in your personal ERC20 wallet within 72 hours after depositing!!!!!!

    Deposit details:

    ICO platform accepts BTC, ETH, perfectmoney and ADVcash (adv gateway also includes Epay and Payeer)

    RYBinvest platform accepts BTC, perfectmoney and ADVcash (adv gateway also includes Epay and Payeer)

    Withdrawal details

    Withdrawals are processed manually by the financial department within 24 hours after request.
    Possibility to deposit in for example USD and withdraw in BTC or vice versa.

    As stated in my new member introduction. I have been away from the online investment industry for 2 years and have waited 2 years for something that I verify for the full 100%. I know in life and online investments there is never a 100% certainty but there are to many things to ignore to know we finally found something real and reliable.

    · Not a single person will loose any money. All initial deposits are covered by the reserve token funds. This funds can be added at any time to keep providing liquidity.
    · Real products. They are going to launch their own gambling and gaming platforms during and after the ICO which will generate a lot more revenues to add to the investment platform to keep guaranteeing their profits.
    · Real team in the white paper
    · Real European companies vouching for RYB that they develop the RYB betting and poker platform.

    Example this is a demo the webversion of the poker platform Evenbetgaming is going to provide
    Poker demo

    The software is fully ready and only need to be customized by adding our RAISE token payment gateway, wallet system and smart contracts.

    So do not hesitate guys to get in to this one. Nothing to loose, only lots to win. All funds is secured by their reserve funds of RAISE tokens and will be added to the investment platform whenever needed!!!!!!