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HYIP from 61% Mega Line Ltd - Megaline.cc

Discussion in 'HYIP from 61% per month' started by Hyip Seeker, Jun 14, 2018.

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    I am not Admin or Owner Of this Project

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    Program Description
    "MEGALINE" solves one of the most important scientific problems of all times: reverse design of the neocortex. Learning how the brain works helps us understand the principles of intelligence and build machines that work on the same principles. we believe that understanding how the neocortex works is the surest way to study artificial intelligence, and the creation of intelligent machines is important for the continued success of mankind. We are at the beginning of an exciting new era of computing that unfolds in the coming decades, and we invite you to join us in the Innovative investment platform "MEGALINE". thanks to the innovative technology of "MGL Intelligence" we guarantee you an increase in your money up to 150% in just 30 days .

    Investment Plans


    Plan 1
    purpose: 5% daily (150% a month, net profit is 50%)
    period of deposit: 30 calendar days

    Plan 2
    110% after 10 days

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    Payment Processor
    Dash Coin

    Reffral Comission
    1lvl- 5% 2lvl- 2% / REF PROGRAM REPRESENTATIVE 1lvl- 7% 2lvl- 2% 3lvl-1%

    Minimum Deposit

    Ssl Encrypted
    Fast & Couprative Support
    Ddos Protected
    Dedicated Hosting
    Uniqe Design

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    ( Investment programs are always Risky so do not invest if you can't afford to loose )