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BeonPush simple way to make money

Discussion in 'Passive Income MLM Companies' started by Deadpool, Oct 13, 2017.

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    Jul 14, 2016
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    This post is to show the BeonPush is legit and to advertise my own Username to get referrals for binary profit, but you will also benefit in the long run please read.

    General information:
    Type: Revshare binary +
    Opening date: 28/08/2015
    Country: United Kingdom & Dubai
    Admin: Ferki Demirovski
    Headquarters: 6th Floor Dubai Media City POBox 126732, Dubai
    Incorporation number: United Kingdom 9714406
    Currency: US Dollars

    The concept :

    BeonPush performs real-time trading of targeted advertising spaces (Real time bidding)
    Limited company specializing in the sector BIG DATA
    You invest in the control room to participate in the creation of capital
    BeonPush and sharing its profits with its members
    100% passive, no clicks or pubs viewing
    You get paid every day!
    You can stay alone or create a team and explode your earnings

    The profitability :

    130% pack
    variable daily rate between 1 and 3% / day
    The shares are paid 5 to 7 days (Tuesday to Saturday)
    multiplier based packages (see below)

    Pack $ 20x1.00 / day
    Pack $ 50x1.05 / day
    Pack $ 100x1.10 / day
    Pack $ 200X1.15 / day
    Pack $ 500x1.20 / day
    Pack $ 1,000x1.30 / day
    Pack $ 5,000x1.40 / day
    Pack $ 10,000x1.50 / day


    Sponsorship :
    Sponsorship is optional but very profitable

    Direct sponsorship is on 2 levels:
    Level 113%
    Level 22%
    The binary sponsorship :
    In addition to the classic sponsorship, your referrals fall into two distinct branches, left and right.
    You will receive a daily 10% of the $ value of your lowest branch of UNLIMITED way through the levels. After each payment binary, the lowest branch is reset to zero. Discover in detail how the bit through this exclusive video:

    Things I Liked:
    Multiple Earning Opportunities
    The BOP offers various earnings opportunities for its members. All you need to invest money in the system, and it will make all the efforts for you. If you are great at recruiting people, then you can utilize its full potential and earn more money. All the rewards and awards are mostly associated with recruiting new people.

    Things I Didn’t Like:
    Unsustainable Business
    I have been part of similar programs in the past, and most of them have been closed. I don’t find any real activity that BOP is doing that will generate consistent revenue for them. It looks like shuffling of investment from new members to old members and has all the attributes of Ponzi scheme.
    Return 130% on investment is not an easy task, and I have seen programs that offer just 110%, but they still struggled. As long as they have +ive cash flow you are earning daily rewards, but once new investment doesn’t start to come, the cash flows become negative.

    So thats the information I have gathered im currently using BeonPush and trying to build my Binary community for more money, if you are interested please follow my link below. If you have any questions please ask.