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Community Innitiative #1 -- ISO 4217 Currency Codes

Discussion in 'Dash' started by Deadpool, Oct 13, 2017.

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    Jul 14, 2016
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    I had an extensive discussion over at the Bitcoin talk but was advised to move, and organize these discussions / ideas here. So I will try... the general idea, out of which all of this is coming is herein:

    "But the bottom line is this - let us discuss what we can DO instead of bickering with the morons. (on the Bitcoin talk) It is time to leave the kindergarten behind."

    DASH, as all other crypto currencies are already classified as "assets" (link). In order for DASH to live in a "grown up world" (thinks mass adoption) the problem to solve is DASH to CASH dilemma. Try to explain a retailer the chain of events he or she would have to face if they want to accept DASH.

    "You get DASH, than you have your wallet (which can be "cold" or "hot"), where your DASH goes, than you have to send it to an exchange, a crypto exchange at that, where you have to buy Bitcoin and than your Bitcoin can be exchanged for fiat etc., etc., etc." - and you can imagine a blank expression on the face of such a person.

    There's already an initiative: SIX Interbank Clearing: Include a symbol for Bitcoin in ISO 4217 (https://www.change.org/p/six-interbank-clearing-include-a-symbol-for-bitcoin-in-iso-4217) and the Bitcoin already has an informal ISO code that is XBT ("X" like gold and sliver, XAU, XAG) because "the prefix 'X' denotes a non-national affiliation or a monetary metal". So we'd be XDA os something similar.

    But check this out: http://innotribe.com/2015-finale-at-sibos-singapore/ and note Bitspark ("Bitspark is the world’s first cash in cash out remittance platform leveraging Bitcoin and Blockchain technology for Money Transfer Operators (MTO’s) to send and receive remittance payments to emerging markets quicker cheaper and with zero bitcoin knowledge required," https://www.bitspark.io/) and compare their level of development with the DASH's. (this brings a huge money remittance business back to mind - I'd like to see all these criminals like Wells Fargo, also enablers of criminal activities outside of their own, out of business - for DASH could be ideal, almost fee free way for immigrants or any other human being to send the money back home or wherever, without being killed by exorbitant fees the Financial Crime Cartel is charging. A dilemma, as always - DASH to CASH and how to do it.)

    The Masternode Network can perform all they dream off better, faster and cheaper, while circulating its own currency within its own secured network. What I try to convey is that the world is HUNGRY for initiatives and the money is plenty to support them. Come on, a robust network, supported by a $7,285,000.00 or so value (DASH in USD based on 3,100 MN and $2.35 per DASH) only in DASH (think now of the added value of the infrastructure) might wet someone's appetite.

    But the "appetite" belong to another discussion.

    Fore herein, I proposed that we establish an Exploration Committee (give me a less beurocratic name, please...) for in-dept exploration of ISO 4217 Currency Codes and prepare a document re: what's needed to achieve a status of a currency, if possible at all.

    IMHO, this is one avenue for us to explore ... (more discussion is going on the Bitcoin talk anyway...)