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Any way to negotiate salary after verbally accepting offer?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement, Inspiring, Self Development' started by Deadpool, Oct 13, 2017.

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    I recently was offered a role with a company and somehow didn't raise my current salary when asked what I am making at the moment. I verbally accepted the offer and have the PDF offer waiting for my signature in my email. This job is a big change in my career that will require more hours per week and gives me much more responsibilities and having a few people reporting to me. I found out a few of these details after verbally accepting since the role changed a bit throughout the conversations with the person hiring me.

    I just had my second conversations asking some clarifying questions and didn't bring up salary. I am of the mindset that I am creating new opportunities for my career and raising the ceiling of what I can make. I am frustrated that I didn't at least ask for another $5k-$10k a year since they would never have known what I actually make right now anyway.

    Is it totally inappropriate or unprofessional of me to try and ask for more at this point or since the details of the role were clarified over a few days, does it seem maybe ok for me to say that and just ask for a bit more money?