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Share Your Best Productivity Hacks

Discussion in 'Self Improvement, Inspiring, Self Development' started by Deadpool, Oct 13, 2017.

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    Jul 14, 2016
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    If you're like me, chances are your productivity is determined by what you're in the mood for. To counter this innate instinct of mine, I've managed to come up with these productivity hacks that work (for me, at least):

    1. I don't use my personal mobile phone while at the office. I noticed that keeping a phone on my desk/work table makes my productivity suck even more. I only check my phone before work, during breaks, and after work.

    2. I used my Sunday nights to come up with a To-do list for the entire weekday. I tend to forget things, even important memos, meetings, and events so having a to-do list from Monday-Friday helps me keep tabs on what I need to do, where I need to be, and who I need to meet.

    3. When there's a to-do list, there's also weekly goals, which I list down during Sunday nights, too. Doing so helps me keep track of my progress as an employee and identify areas where I can do a little bit more work.

    4. I set aside time to read emails. I don't read emails while working on important tasks since it makes me lose focus. It works, too because usually, I'm all over the place.

    What are your productivity hacks?