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Robotcash - Game Telegram Earn Satoshi Forever

Discussion in 'Money Games' started by DtmB, Oct 15, 2017.

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    Robot Cash - investment game where you can earn real money!

    Link: https://t.me/CashRobotsBot?start=UjnwIRbP
    Lounch date: 7.12.2016
    Payment: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney
    1. Hire the robots, they will obtain :zap: the energy!
    2. Energy will be collected, absorb it!
    3. Sell :zap: the energy and earn :gem:.
    4. Exchange :gem: for real money or hire more robots to raise income.
    Referal bonus:
    Invite your friends and get 50 :gem: as a bonus and 30% from every balance replenishment by invited person. You income has no limits! Even few people can raise your income to 100 000 :gem:.
    Game currency rate:
    1 000 :gem: = 0.001 BTC

    Pirate Bay: Game Telegram earn money, investment, Video, Install app, Survey and Other

    PirateBay: https://t.me/pirate_bay_game_bot?start=guxul

    1. Hire pirates!
    2. Collect real treasures!
    3. Sell treasures on the black market for gold!
    4. Exchange gold for real money!

    Hired pirates bring you endless profit and are yours forever!